Texas Master Peace Officer & U.S. Veteran

Deke Pierce 

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09/23/14, Christa Jeremy Pierce says, "I have known Deke Pierce for many years, not only as a co-worker, but now I can say as my friend. Deke will not be your normal, everyday politician - he is going to do what is morally, ethically and constitutionally right for the citizens of Travis County. I am honored to know Deke Pierce and am a better person in knowing him. He is a humble man, and understands what is means to serve and protect and I know he will always make the best decision for me and my family and that's why Deke has my husband and my vote for Constable."   jeremychristap@aol.com

Thank you so very much Christa for those very kind words.  I appreciate your faith in me and I will not let you down.  Jeremy, thank you as well and I wish you the best of luck at Sunset Valley.  -Deke
09/24/14,  Janis Bading says, "Deke Pierce will make a very honorable Constable. He would have my vote however I live in another county. Good luck Deke." Retired Sgt. Janis Bading   diamondrafter@gvtc.com

Thank you very much Janis and I hope retirement is treating you well. -Deke

09/26/14, Kathryn W Kokel says, "You showed up to a collision I was involved in last November. My husband and I have Lone Star Towing. You were so nice as always. I always listen for ya on the scanner. Heck yeah I'll vote for you. Also, thank you for the service-protect & serve. Hope you're doing alright since your mishap this summer."

Thanks Kathryn, I'm glad you are doing well and thank you for your support. -Deke

10/17/2014, Robert Ingraham says, "I have known Deke Pierce since the early 90s. I was a deputy with Travis county assigned to the motorcycle division when Deke was assigned to me to as a trainee. After he completed his training we were assigned as partners and that continued for 12 years until my retirement in 2009. During that time I got to know Deke very well. Deke is honest and cares for his follow man, as you might imagine I trusted him with my life and knew he would be there no matter what. So as far as trustworthiness ,reliability and interacting with people I would give Deke your highest rating, 5."

Thanks Bob, I miss those days.  I appreciate your support and I truly value our friendship.       -Deke

01/25/15, Sunset Valley Chief of Police, Sean Ford says, "I have known Deke since 1995 when I began working at TCSO. We have worked alongside each other both in the same unit as well as in many other circumstances. The one trait about Deke that stands out is his willingness to accept all people for who they are, without judgment or prejudice, which are both fine qualities in a law enforcement officer as well as in a political leader. Deke is ethical and has always led with one of my most respected values, integrity. Although I don't live in Pct 2, I feel that if elected, Deke would serve all his constituents with consistent loyalty and professionalism, always insuring there is justice for all. Good luck Deke."

Thanks Sean, I really appreciate your kind comments. -Deke 

01/31/15, Manny Mancias says, "While employed with the Travis County Sheriff's Office for over 29 years and holding a supervisor position for the majority of my years, I had the privilege of being one of Deke's supervisors. Throughout my tenure within Law Enforcement I have come to realize that just like in other professions you have those employees who provide the daily minimum simply to maintain the status quo. I without hesitation can say that Deke wasn't and is not one of those type of people. Throughout my years of working alongside Deke, I have always seen him go far and beyond what had been asked of him. His dedication to his profession was not only doing what was best for the department but also for what benefited the general public. Deke made it a point to take the time to meet with those outside the department and help to answer or clarify any questions that would arise. His dedication to assist others is clearly indicated through his numerous hours of volunteering with organizations and needs within and outside of law enforcement. I am proud to give my endorsement to Deke and am excited as to what positive changes he could provide the Pct 2 Constables Office".  Manny Mancias former Travis County Sgt. and now security consultant.

Thank you so very much Manny for your kind words.  It was a pleasure working with you for so many years. -Deke

02/03/15, James Dabney says, "I met Deke on the annual PLH motorcycle ride a few years back with a friend of mine Adan Garcia and he was one of the nicest gentleman I have had the pleasure of meeting. My family has been involved with law enforcement since I was a child. He is a true gentleman and would be a great asset to Austin. Deke is one of a kind, easily approachable, knowledgeable and puts the needs of the people first and foremost. Travis County needs a person like Deke to set the standard for those that follow such a great man of such integrity. It has been an honor to have been in the presence of Deke".

Thanks you so much, James, I hope to see you soon at PLH in April 2015 -Deke

UPDATE:  02/17/15 It is with a very heavy heart, that James passed away.  I was not able to share with him my thank you for his kind comments.  My condolences goes out to his family in this time of need in his unexpected passing.

02/21/15, Bobby Withrow says, "Since meeting Deke and his wife just over a year ago both have given their time over and over again to help support Veterans Benefits as well as Cancer benefits that my groups put on. They always donate to help others and continue to be awesome friends and supporters of many groups that help others. I for one will be there for Deke, even though I cant vote for him. I do believe in him"

Thank you very much Bobby, you do so very much for everyone else in such a selfless manner -Deke